The Time for Unrest campaign laid a vital foundation for our outreach efforts. Launching our program in the Fall of 2017, we set out to bring contemporary scientists into the field, inspire a new generation of doctors, and grow a vibrant community of patients, caregivers and allies to end the stigma and the misconceptions and accelerate the search for a cure for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

All of your donations to the campaign and purchases through our Unrest US & Global and UK & EU stores created an incredible platform that reached communities, medical schools, and research institutions all over the world. We are excited to share with you exactly how the Time for Unrest campaign, and now our partnership with MEAction, continues to effect positive change for the ME community.

To learn more about the Time for Unrest campaign successes, please download our Impact Campaign Deck 2017 for an in-depth recap. Currently, we are drafting an updated Impact Campaign Deck, which will also encapsulate our 2018 achievements.

As we begin 2019, we are heading into a new chapter, one that begins with key accomplishments:

  • Through an Unrest and MEAction partnership, US healthcare providers – including doctors, nurses, and social workers – can now watch Unrest and receive continuing medical education credits through the American Medical Women’s Association and Indiana University School of Medicine, in partnership with #MEAction.
  • Because of the generosity and expertise of more than 60 volunteers, we were able to produce a multilingual version of Unrest, with 25 foreign language subtitles. This was a massive project made possible only by the passion of many people throughout the world. Even with extensive volunteer support, these discs were costly to manufacture due to the volume of subtitles. These discs are a capstone of the Time for Unrest movement: Unrest can now be experienced and shared on a truly global scale.

With each and every purchase of Unrest DVDs, Blu-rays, licenses, and merchandise, we are able to bring the film and its message to more communities around the world and allow Shella Films to continue developing educational content in the future about ME.

All donations continue to advance this important work. Donations made by UK taxpayers via our fiscal sponsor are eligible for gift aid.

Thank you for supporting us on this journey.